Judaism and History

Judaism and History: The history of the Jewish nation is a historical process. The nation that survived the Second World War, today plays an important role in knowledge, education and science all over the world. At one time, they had to go through hardships to escape the extermination of the Jews by the Nazi forces in Germany. After many years, many Jewish groups were again in danger in Germany. They are hiding their identity for security. The Jewish nation had to go through such a situation.

The situation of Israel and Palestine

The current situation in Israel and Palestine is unstable. There has been a lot of tension between the two countries since the attack by Hamas. The countries of the world are divided into two parts. Some are taking the side of Israel and some are taking the side of Palestine. Many countries are trying to reconcile between the two countries. Again, the negotiations of world politics are going on around the battlefield of the two countries. In such a situation, the Jews are very insecure.

Germany’s attitude towards the Jews

A woman (Noah) was expressing her anger while sitting in a synagogue in Berlin. He said, ‘Such a situation is scary’. Why should I be afraid for my identity? Another Jewish man named Aaron is in the same uncomfortable situation as Noah, the Jewish woman. He was uncomfortable wearing traditional Jewish clothing in public.
The problem of these Jewish women, Noah and Aaron, continues to grow in Germany around anti-Semitism. This hostility increased when Israel’s conflict with Hamas, the armed group of the Palestinian independence movement, began on October 7. It is not only Germany, but anti-Semitism has spread throughout the countries of Europe. As a result, most American Jews now suffer from insecurity.

The safety of the Jews

Since the mass killing of Jews during World War II, Jews still do not feel safe. Such an idea is prevalent among many. However, in the post-World War II period, Berlin has always been solving Israel. And they think it is their historical duty to the Jews. In addition, the security of Israel was one of the main foundations of the foreign policy of the former Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.
The current chancellor, Olaf Schultz, has also walked the same path with the security of the Jews. He also stood strongly for Israel after the October 7 attack by Hamas. During a recent visit to Tel Aviv, Schultz said, ‘We can only have one position in these difficult times. That is taking Israel’s side. Chancellor Olaf Schultz has also voted for Israel on various resolutions at the United Nations.

The position of the German people on Israel

However, many German people still think that Israel remains abroad. With the increase in the number of casualties in Israel’s bombings in Gaza, people have taken to the streets of various cities including Berlin to protest against the Israeli policy of the German government. The German government does not allow any meetings against Israel to prevent the spread of Jews abroad in the country. The police are keeping strict vigilance even where such gatherings are being allowed.
In Germany recently, about 9 thousand people of the country participated in such a rally in support of Palestine. One of them is Nadeem Zarar. Criticizing Germany’s bias towards Israel, the man of Palestinian origin said Berlin must open up about Israel’s actions in Gaza. Another Palestinian named Sami criticized Israel in the rally and said, “What is being done to the Palestinians since 1948..We have all seen on video what Israel is doing to children.’
German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said about these gatherings, there is certainly an opportunity to criticize Israel. But Israel’s right to exist as a state cannot be linked to it. Because Germany has an obligation to protect the security of Israel.

A pro-Palestinian rally in Germany

There have also been clashes with police from many pro-Palestinian rallies in Berlin. Berlin streets are seen celebrating Hamas attack on Israel. Many chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” In addition, two petrol bombs were thrown at a synagogue in Berlin last month. Jews living in the country are worried about this.

Leaked information on Hamas attacks

Meanwhile, Israel has accused four media outlets of knowing about the Hamas attack.
Felix Klein, the German government’s commissioner for Jewish affairs, said, ‘When the issue turns to anti-Semitism and anti-Israel; People chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” – then it is a problem. Such slogans deny the existence of Israel. Jews also suffer from insecurity in the United States.
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