hormone balancing drop

Hormone balancing drop

Hormone balancing drop : Hormone is an important chemical substance in our body. A person can live well only because of its hormones. Hormones play an important role in everything from immunity to performance. So our topic today is what is hormone, what is hormone disease, why hormone disease occurs and how to increase hormone etc. I will discuss hormones in detail below. Inshallah.

What is hormone?

Hormone is a chemical substance in our body that controls body growth, expression of various body symptoms, maintenance of life through reproduction and chemical transformation. Our body has 8 distinct ductless glands called endocrine. They release at least 25 hormones into our bloodstream. Lack or excess of hormones causes various abnormalities in the body.

Hormone balancing drop

Polyuria, goitre, thinness and largeness of the body are due to lack or excess of hormones. Endocrine glands take certain substances from the blood and convert them into hormones. The endocrine glands are: (1) Pituitary gland (2) Thyroid gland, (3) Parathyroid gland, (4) Thymus gland, (5) Urinary gland or kidney, (6) Pancreas, (7) Testicles and (8) Ovaries.

Vital or hormonal abnormalities:

(a) Thyroid problems:

Marine fish is one of the main sources of iodine in the human diet due to the presence of iodine in seawater. Thyroid hormones are produced by consuming iodine-rich foods. It has been observed that the number of patients with goitre or goitre is much higher in areas located away from the sea, such as Nepal at the foot of the Himalayas or North Bengal in Bangladesh. Deficiency of thyroid hormone inhibits children’s mental development.

Hormonal diseases:

The skin is scaly, the face is round and the appearance contrasts with that of normal children. Iodine deficiency disrupts the production of hormones and slows down the growth of children. For this reason, the use of iodized salt in food is beneficial. Besides, eating bananas, fruits, raw vegetables, sea fish etc. can get rid of this problem. What is hormone?, What is hormone disease?, Ways to increase hormones, Ways to increase female hormone sex have been discussed.

(b) Polyuria or Diabetes:

There is a type of gland called islets of Langerhans inside the pancreas, insulin is released from this gland. Insulin is a type of hormone that regulates the body’s metabolism of sugar. If the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, blood sugar levels rise permanently, glucose is excreted in the urine. This condition is called polyuria or diabetes mellitus (abbreviation: diabetes). Diabetes is mainly of two types, type-1 and type-2. A patient with type-1 does not produce insulin at all.

Hormonal disease treatment / hormone balancing drop

So insulin has to be taken regularly by injection. On the other hand, type-2 patient’s body partially produces insulin. In this case, the medicine helps the pancreatic cells to produce enough insulin for the body. However, in type-2 diabetes, there may be a permanent lack of insulin at some stage or those medications may have to be stopped as part of various diseases or medical procedures, then there is no way without insulin. This disease is usually influenced by heredity and environment. It is not a contagious or contagious disease.

Diagnosing and treating diabetes / hormone balancing drop

This disease can be diagnosed by testing blood and urine to determine the level of glucose. Diabetes cannot be completely cured by treatment, but it can be controlled. According to doctors, following the three ‘D’s’ is essential to control diabetes. These are: Discipline, Diet and Dose.

(i) Discipline:

For a person suffering from diabetes, his disciplined lifestyle is a great medicine. In addition, taking moderate food regularly and as advised by the doctor, exercising regularly, taking care of the cleanliness of the patient’s body and especially the feet, regular urine tests and consulting a doctor in case of any physical complications. What is hormone?, What is hormone disease?, Ways to increase hormones, Ways to increase hormone sex in girls.

ii) Diet:

The main way to control diabetes is to control the diet, avoid sugary foods and take regular and timely food as advised by the doctor. Following the food menu as advised by the doctor is beneficial. But for someone who doesn’t have diabetes, whether or not they eat sweets has nothing to do with diabetes.

(iii) Dosage:

hormone balancing drop : No medicine should be taken without doctor’s advice. The doctor advises taking medicine or taking insulin after understanding the patient’s physical condition. As per that suggestion the patient should take the medicine regularly. If not treated properly, the patient’s blood glucose level may be abnormally low or high. In both cases the patient may become unconscious. It can even lead to death. If a diabetic suddenly faints, sitting him down and giving him glucose or sugar water can often prevent a worse outcome.

(c) Stroke:

A disruption in the functioning of the nervous system due to disruption of blood supply to the brain is called a stroke. A stroke occurs in the brain, not the heart; However, many people have a misconception about this. A stroke can be caused by bleeding in the brain or blood clots inside blood vessels that block blood flow. Among them, hemorrhagic stroke is more serious. Cerebral hemorrhage can usually be caused by high blood pressure. What is hormone?, What is hormone disease?, Ways to increase hormones, Ways to increase hormone sex in girls.

Symptoms of hormonal diseases:

√ Symptoms of this disease appear suddenly. Symptoms are: Vomiting, severe headache, patient loses consciousness within minutes, neck may stiffen, muscles relax, respiration and pulse slow, face turns red. Sometimes, however, there are no serious symptoms, such as a drooping face or a short period of fainting and then regaining consciousness.

Symptoms of hormonal diseases:

To tell how serious the stroke is, the patient needs to be observed for at least a few days, during which time he has to be kept under the supervision of a doctor in the hospital. Therefore, in case of stroke, the patient should be transferred to the hospital as soon as possible.
and ensure proper treatment. With appropriate treatment, patients often survive, but in cases of hemorrhagic stroke, survival cannot be guaranteed.

If the patient survives, he regains his senses after a few hours to a few days. But the patient wobbles a bit and gradually the stiffness returns to the numb limb. If the speech control center is damaged even after consciousness returns, the patient’s speech becomes slurred. Muscle movement in a paralyzed or paralyzed limb ( hand) gradually returns, but the ability to perform fine hand movements usually does not fully return.

In the early stages of treatment, recovery is rapid but after two months the improvement gradually diminishes. Nerves that temporarily lose function in a sudden attack quickly heal and regain function. And nerves that are completely damaged, their performance is permanently destroyed. What is hormone?, What is hormone disease?, Ways to increase hormones, Ways to increase hormone sex in girls.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hormonal Disorders:

This disease can be confirmed by determining whether there is bleeding or blood clots in the brain. The exact cause of this disease is often not known. Bleeding in the brain cannot be stopped, but blood pooling in the brain may sometimes need to be surgically removed. If the patient has high blood pressure, it can be controlled, surgery can be done if possible according to the patient’s need. The patient needs to be properly nursed, defecated, kept clean, and fed. If necessary, the patient can be fed with the help of a tube.

As per the advice of physical medicine specialist and physiotherapist, the paralyzed or paralyzed limb needs to be moved in a certain way to prevent stiffness of the joints of the affected limb. The patient should be encouraged to ambulate on his own after regaining consciousness. What is hormone?, What is hormone disease?, Ways to increase hormones, Ways to increase hormone sex in girls.

Ways to prevent hormonal diseases:

Avoiding smoking, those suffering from high blood pressure, keeping their high blood pressure under control, those suffering from diabetes taking regular medicine, leading a worry free, beautiful and normal life.
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