Counter-protests and detentions in UK pro-Palestinian protests 28

Counter-protests and detentions in UK pro-Palestinian protests 28: Recently, there was a big protest in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, against Israel’s indiscriminate attack on Gaza, Palestine. More than 300,000 people took part in this protest on Saturday. London police arrested 82 people who took part in a counter-protest to counter this protest in the United Kingdom. Counter-protests and detentions in UK pro-Palestinian protests 28

Those who took part in the counter-protests are said to be members of various far-right groups in the UK. The right-wing group launched a counter-protest after demonstrations in support of Palestine began in central London on Saturday. At that time, there was a clash between the police of London and several small groups who came out in counter-demonstrations.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has condemned the clash. At the same time, Rishi Sunak also attacked those who “showed sympathy for Hamas” who took part in this huge protest “who wore anti-Semitic slogans and various pro-Hamas banners and clothes”.

Palestine, Israel war

Israel has been attacking Palestinian Gaza for more than a month. In the wake of the incident, there have been several demonstrations in the UK protesting the attack and demanding a ceasefire. But Saturday’s protest was the biggest. There was extreme tension in the UK around this protest. Tensions rose, particularly after UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman called the protests a ‘hate march’.

Last Saturday, the government requested to take steps to prevent this protest. But the UK’s Metropolitan Police rejected the request, saying there was no indication or threat of major violence in the protests. As a result, there is no opportunity to stop this protest at the request of the government.

Rishi Sunak’s comments on the protest

In a statement yesterday, Rishi Sunak said, “According to the law, all types of criminal activities must be stopped quickly.” This is what I told the London Police Commissioner last Wednesday. That’s what they (the police force) are kept for and that’s what I (as prime minister) want from them too.”

Protesters arrested in London

At the time, the police said, hundreds of protesters were seen in various streets of central London to counter-protest. At some places, clashes between the police and the protestors also took place.

The police also said that the police arrested 82 people who came to counter-protest to prevent clashes between the two sides of the protestors. Besides, 10 more people were arrested at the same time.

How many people participated in the protest?

According to police information, more than 300,000 people participated in the London protest against Israel’s attack on Gaza. On the other hand, the organizers are claiming that 8 lakh people participated in this protest.

The National March for Palestine started in London at 12 noon local time. In the protest, many people are again seen chanting slogans like ‘from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’. Banners reading ‘Free Palestine’, ‘Stop the Genocide’, ‘Stop the Bombing of Gaza’ can be seen at the protests.

Palestinian fathers fear

Saher shrouded hundreds of corpses a day; Fear in the mind, “if the turn of the child ever comes”. A Palestinian father holds the body of a child killed in an Israeli airstrike in al-Maghazi refugee camp in Gaza. Gaza Strip, November 5
300,000 people protest in London against the Israeli attack on Gaza. Hundreds of thousands of people protested in London to demand an end to the indiscriminate attacks of the Israeli forces on the Palestinian Gaza. London, United Kingdom, November 11th protests took place, millions of people took part in these protests.

Israel used prohibited weapons

Israel used banned weapons to attack hospital in Gaza, Palestinian minister says Human Rights Watch says Israel’s use of white phosphorus poses serious and long-term health risks to civilians. Counter-protests and detentions

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