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Dear students, Assalamu Alaikum. Hope you all are well by God’s grace. Today I will discuss among you an important composition Your Aim in Life. Your Aim in Life which is written in very simple, beautiful and elegant language with all the students in mind. Hope you don’t have any more problem about Your Aim in Life after you read this composition. The composition is given below in sequence. Hope you read the composition completely. Thank you..


Man is the best creation of God. He is endowed with reasonable faculties and intellects. He has to make his life significant and successful. He has to select a right path to get success in life. So everyone should be careful in selecting his profession at the early stage of life.

Importance of selecting professions:

The importance of the selection of profession is highly essential for a man. Right choice or a profession leads one to success, happiness and peace. A choiceless man is like a boat without a rudder. He can not succeed in life. To reach the destination of success, we have to select our choice on the right basis. A fixed choice helps a man to shine in life.

Different professions:

Choices differ from person to person. Different men have different aims in life.
Some want to be doctor, some want to be engineer, some want to be businessmen while some others want to be politicians and so on. Among various choices, one feels difficulties in selecting his right one. In this cases parents, teachers and others can help a man to select his own.

My choice:

I am the only son of my parents. They have high ambitions concerning me. My father wants me to be a doctor while my mother wishes me to be a teacher. Among these two, I have valued my mother’s choice. I have decided whole heartedly to become a teacher in life. I have strong attractions for this profession. I think will be highly pleased if I can become a good teacher in my life.

Reasons for my choice:

So I want to do a noble work for my motherland. Our country is very poor. Most of our people are illiterate. Only 62.3% of our population is literate. An illiterate man is no better than a beast. This illiteracy is the cause of our backwardness. So, removing of this illiteracy is a crying need now-a-days. I have decided to take this task of removing illiteracy. A teacher can organize the young men and enable them to be literate. He can flourish the hidden talent of the students. He can help them to be good citizens. Considering these, I have put importance on the profession of teaching.


I am a S.S.C. examinee now. After passing my S.S.C, I will get myself admitted into a
college. There I will pass my H.S.C. and B.A. After that I will complete my B. Ed and M. Ed course. To reach my goal, I need hard labour and perseverance. I am ready for this.


After obtaining all these degrees, I will sit for the teachers selection exam. After this, I will join a secondary school as a teacher. I will choose the rural area. I will devote myself to teach the people. I will guide my students to the path of truth. I will not neglect my duties. I will sincerely teach the students. I will give them cordial lectures and take weekly exams. I will also teach my students to the path of religiosity and good citizenship. I have also decided that I will never rebuke or punish any students. If any student fails to understand any point, I will clear them easily until he understands it.


A suitable profession is like a torch to go ahead for a man. I will work relentlessly on my profession. In fact, I will become a successful man depending on my choice.

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